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3CEPS - Data Automation Solutions

There is nothing else like this on the market today!

3CEPS is an innovative software development house that takes the costly, manual process of inputting large amounts of data presented in varying formats and automating it. 3CEPS are data mapping experts. Omni Metrics has been awarded the worldwide, exclusive distribution rights to this innovation.

3CEPS is an unique software platform that simplifies the extraction of data from a document or source, whether a scanned image (i.e. tiff, gif, jpeg), pdf or electronic source (i.e. electronic banking flow, xml, xlsx).

We automate. We extract. We map. We deliver.

There is no other data solution like it on the market that can automate your manual data input processes with unmatched accuracy and speed. Our Proof of Concept service is designed to prove it with your data before you commit.

The cost and time saving benefits are real and measurable and this disruptive technology is designed to streamline traditional cost centres with extreme efficiencies.

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