Why us?

We at Omni Metrics keep it simple and straightforward. Our premise is to marry traditional businesses with the Blockchain, using a hybrid approach. Our aim is to demystify the technology behind the blockchain so you can gain an understanding with enough knowledge to make informed decisions. Our delivery of services is based on creating a marriage or bridge between your traditional and successfully operating business and its needs and understanding your business to allow the use of blockchain within it. Our methodology builds upon traditional business by applying blockchain technology to augment, enhance, enrich and provide a platform for our clients to realise new opportunities and efficiencies.

We don’t just talk tech, we ask questions. We immerse ourselves in your business. We deliver a consultative effort that makes sense for you commercially and operationally.

“We translate the tech and the jargon in to business sense and real-world applications by consulting with companies to understand and sensibly apply this technology to their businesses”.

Our methodology is based upon our team’s diverse experience, from development, data and security specialties, to traditional business, management, sales expertise and business incubation..

We collaborate, we analyse, we advise, we help, we create goals and objectives, with you. We develop a tailored plan that upon its acceptance, is then executed and activated. We remain with you during the plan’s lifecycle and beyond. Simply put, we look at your business as an employee, client and employer and put ourselves in your shoes. It is all about immersion.

Equally, the investor market is provided with an insight from the perspective of traditional business processes such as private equity placements, debt equity, Private Placement Memorandums and forging these with the principles of tokenization.

“We de-mystifying the concept of Blockchain that allows you to gain a sufficient understanding to make a sound business decision”.

The blockchain, tokenization, smart contracts, distributed ledger technology, mining, consensus, security, cryptography, are all terms we understand. We focus on Securitised Token Offerings (STO) / Digital Security Offerings (DSO) and line of business, blockchain applications.

Blockchain can apply whether you are looking to create operational efficiency, re-engineer your business processes, engage your clients, reduce costs or raise capital.


The technology is structured around the principles of a distributed ledger technology (DLT) containing records, that is based on a structure of access that is private (permissioned) or public (permissionless), or a hybrid. Already unsure of what it represents? Using analogies and real-life examples, we take you through the DLT during an initial complimentary consultation with you.


Transactions, records, data, can be permanently added to a one-directional, incorruptible ledger. Via a mechanism (you have likely heard of ‘mining’ before), the immutability translates to each transaction being verified and agreed upon via consensus. Its strength lies in the inability to manipulate, change, edit or delete the data once it is stored and recorded on the ledger.


Always a hot topic and seemingly a never-ending crest of a wave, security is based on industry accepted methodologies using cryptography to secure the network, the ledger, the transactions.

“The simplification of explaining at a high level, the Blockchain and its concept, challenges us to analogise and use real-world situations”.
Why Blockchain for your business?

The many reasons are underlined by traditional thinking. Are you looking to raise money to build (property or business), expand, acquire other companies, develop new products? Have you tried friends and family raises, banks, venture capitalists, High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI), institutional investors?

Is the driver to streamline costs, processes, manufacturing, fulfilment? Perhaps you are simply looking for a registration process to identify the life of a product or service/contract using the Blockchain to confirm proof of ownership?

Omni Metrics has historically consulted with companies looking to raise capital by issuing a Token (like a share) to invest in expansion and distribute the profits (like dividends) back to Token holders.

“Our modus operandi is not to compete with traditional financing vehicles, banks or other funding sources but to offer companies an alternate, new and efficient method, based on a technology that is here to stay”.
What do we do?

We drive an holistic approach, to provide insight, services, solutions and data including but not limited to:

  • business and technical services (including smart contract and functional design)
  • client immersion to drive results
  • STO/DSO pitch deck design and collateral
  • STO/DSO planning, review, consulting, structuring and design
  • STO/DSO tokenomics, design and fiscal policy creation
  • white and business paper creation
  • guidance on corporate structure, SAFTs, PPMs or OMs, terms and conditions drafting
  • AML, compliance and client on-boarding
  • access to coding and development services, website creation and marketing – team building
  • frontline project presentations on your behalf (in-line with local legislation)
“Blockchain is the future and will shape the way we interact with people and businesses on an everyday basis.”
What makes us different from other consulting firms?
  • The market is flooded with companies, individuals and ‘experts’ all offering various flavours of advisory or marketing services. Identifying one that has stamina and depth can be challenging.
  • We differentiate at a level because we never take on too many projects resulting in not meeting deadlines and client expectations.
  • We trend towards specialising in one field, that being STOs/DSOs.
  • Our roots date back at an individual level, to over 40 years in database design and development and 50 years running businesses (SMB).
  • One core area of expertise is project/sales pitching; being able to act as a filter or buffer to a project (client) owner and present from a cold call to a hot introduction.
  • Access to hundreds of Blockchain, industry based, contacts
  • They say proof is in the eating. Our commitment and core understanding of this hybrid model approach won us our first project, An STO, the premise of which is to assist a 4-generation old Greek shipping company in the dry bulk, shipping business, to capital raise up to USD116M with which to purchase up to an additional 5 dry bulk carrier vessels.

    “Lateral thought, out-of-the-box thinking and effective communication – our pedigree”.
    What makes us the same as other consulting and advisory practices?

    The team here at Omni Metrics loves the business, is passionate about it and is committed. We recognize that there are some baseline standards by which we govern ourselves, aligned with others out there. Blockchain revolves around a new way of transacting business and as such, attracts a genre of genuine people whose desire it is for transparency and openness, and the bringing of Blockchain to the masses. It is a world of who you know and a willingness to share knowledge and make introductions.

    Like other service providers, our fees’ structures are industry typical, competitive, but fluid enough to be tailored to a client’s budget and cashflow.

    “It is simply a different method and approach to raising capital and doing business”.

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    We have, over the last 2 years, developed a core methodology and STO/DSO platform to take you from an approved concept to launch. Results are steeped in our understanding that success will only come from being a part of your business. With thousands of hours and dollars invested in to our Blockchain practice, it only takes an initial call with us to get a feel for whether you believe we are fit for you; your company.

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