Fractional Executive Services

We are a team of Fractional Executives. We drive revenue, profits and recurring revenue. We are closers.

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Fractional C-suite Services - (fCEO and Chief Growth Officer - fCGO)

There is a burgeoning demand for fractional services as more and more companies find themselves with great ideas and innovative solutions, but a shortfall at the C-suite level, in-house. Many companies in the SMB space simply do not have the budgets to take on full-time executives.

With decades of experience behind the Omni Metrics team, we are positioned to offer tailored, C-suite engagements, under terms that make commercial and operational sense to all sides. You, the client, benefit without the costs’ burden that would typically accompany such a position. We help you drive your business forward.

Fractional C-suite engagements may include (contact us to receive our mini deck):

  • fCGO (Chief Growth Officer)
  • fCEO
  • fCDA (Chief Data Analyst)
  • fCISO (Chief Information Security Officer)
Deal and Revenue Consulting

Have you considered hiring a fractional C-suite? Our primary role offering is fCEO an fCGO (Growth). We position ourselves to help you sell, merge, grow, scale or expand your company and revenues, organically or inorganically via acquisitions.

  • Our consultative team can tactically assist you with deal negotiations and closing.
  • We can act as your shadow, fractional C-suite service, your devil’s advocate, your opposite side and assess and review methodologies, best practices and deliverables all with the purposeful goal of generating higher revenues.

Our remit is simple. We focus on top line. We focus on Revenue Growth. We focus on getting the deal closed.

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Sales Expansion & Growth

Our team of consultants and SMEs help you accelerate your annual revenue and recurring revenue streams. We are industry agnostic yet with a core area of expertise within the tech space.

  • We specialize in direct sales and tele-sales. We can provide tailored and customized sales assessments and remediation plans. We are immersive, based on our one to one/few approach with your internal team.
  • Our insights into sales and the psychology of sales allows for a tactical approach to evaluating your own sales force with analysis and training including body language, pre-handling and overcoming objections to negotiating and deal closing.
  • As a member of your team, we assist you with client deal structuring, proposal generation, client meetings and negotiations and closing deals.
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    Whether you are looking to devise an exit strategy, a management buy-out, a private equity raise or simply need to re-organise your shares and company structure and team’s holdings, we can assist.

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    Small Business Consulting

    We love working with and helping small businesses. Whether it is a one-person company or one hundred, all companies, large or small face the same challenges, growing pains and hurdles. Many consulting firms tend to ignore the ‘S’ of the SMB market as being cost and time inefficient to engage with. Our premise is the opposite. Having grown a number of small companies, our model is to immerse ourselves in to your business and then deliver results. Our focus is always on revenue and profits growth.

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